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A Safe place for women and children
escaping abuse and violence

Our Story

“Yoorana” is an Aboriginal word meaning “Safe Place”.

Yoorana is an independent grass roots organisation that began in 1979 as a crisis centre to meet the growing demand for safe spaces for women and children escaping violence. Today Yoorana provides safe accommodation and support to women and children experiencing/escaping domestic and family violence and supports their right to live a life free from violence and their right to safe, stable and sustainable housing.

Yoorana is committed to the feminist principles of empowerment of women who have experienced domestic violence. We recognise that domestic and family violence is a gendered issue, and that gender inequality is a predominate cause and consequence of domestic and family violence. Furthermore, Yoorana also understands that in addition to gender, there are other intersecting factors that can contribute to victim vulnerability and the prevalence or impact of domestic and family violence.

Our service is committed to ensuring the rights of women and children to live in a safe and healthy environment free from any forms of violence.  A range of services have been provided including accommodation, information and referral, counselling and advocacy, practical support and parent and children’s programs.  Yoorana endeavours to use an educative and preventative approach to inform the wider community about domestic and family violence.

November 1979

First meeting of the Maryborough/Hervey Bay District Women’s Crisis Centre

August 1980

The first resident was admitted to the Hervey Bay Centre

May 1981

The centre was moved to a large 6 bedroom house in Maryborough

March 1983

A house was purchased in Maryborough

January 1990

Yoorana opened the Halfway House in Maryborough


Yoorana opened a duplex in Hervey Bay


5 independent living units, communal room, laundry, childcare facility and an office on-site opened in Maryborough


5 independent living units, communal room, laundry, and an on-site office, a duplex in Hervey Bay and a house in Maryborough

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