Staying in the relationship

The information provided below is general information only. It does not replace advice and support from a domestic violence specialist.

Its most helpful to get advice that is specific for your situation. The information below will not be suitable for everyone staying in a relationship. You always deserve to be safe, so if you chose to stay in your relationship, think about what you can do to improve your safety, particularly when your partner’s abuse gets worse, or you feel their behaviour is escalating.

Trust Safe & Supportive People

Use Code Words

Keep important items accessible

Have a quick exit plan

It is important to remember that abuse and violence is never your fault. The only person who can stop the violence and abuse, is the person choosing to use this behaviour. For many survivors, leaving the relationship may not be possible at the time or something you want to do.

Remember you are not alone, you can still receive support form a Domestic Violence Specialist if you decide to stay.

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