Safety Planning

The information provided below is general information only. It does not replace advice and support from a domestic violence specialist.

What is safety planning?

Safety planning is when you do things that may make you and your family safer when you are experiencing domestic or family violence and abuse.

Who to include in your safety plan

Sometimes safety plans might include trusted family members, friends, community members or support services. For some people it is not safe to include other people in their safety plans. The best way to make a safety plan is with the help of a support service, but if you are safety planning for yourself think about the things that help you feel safer, and the things that make you feel less safe. Some people find it helpful to write down their safety plan, but this might not be safe for you.

Before you start your plan

Before writing down a safety plan think about whether it is safe to do so and if there is somewhere safe you can keep it where no one else will see it. Think about your workplace, a family member or friend to keep it. You could store it on your my gov account or in a post office box.

It is very important to trust yourself and your instincts when safety planning as you are the expert in your life.

You and your children have the right to be safe.

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