Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement has been written in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. The statement sets out our commitment to protecting the privacy of personal information provided to us, or otherwise collected by us, offline or online, including through our website (

Personal information:

The types of personal information we may collect about you include:

  • your name, your contact details, including email address, street address and/or telephone number
  • your credit card or payment details (through our third-party payment processor)
  • your preferences and/or opinions
  • case notes of crisis interventions, contacts and counselling sessions
  • details of services we have provided to you and/or that you have enquired about, and our response to you
  • medical and disability information if we need it for some services and activities
  • information about your life, health, welfare, support needs, conduct/actions, goals, thoughts and feelings, but only if it is relevant to the services we are providing to you, and you ask us to help with these issues

Our Team and your Privacy:

Our team means: All program and service staff.

Occasionally when you tell something about yourself to one member of our team, or when one of us observes something about you, we may consult with other members of our team, so that we can all work together to assist you. Usually your personal information stays within our team. This means we don’t tell things about you to anyone outside of our team without your consent.

Disclosure of information:

The personal and/or sensitive information you provide will not be disclosed or shared with anyone else without your prior verbal and/or written agreement. There are instances when personal and/or sensitive information will be disclosed:

  • If required by law, for example when documents are subpoenaed by the Court
  • When there is a duty of care to protect the safety of clients, children, staff or other third parties.
  • For statistical information provided for research
  • If requested by our funding body to ensure quality service delivery is being provided (with client consent)
  • If you or someone else is in serious danger/risk (eg. suicide, violence, drug overdose, medical emergency etc), or there is a need to assess and manage domestic and family violence risk and/or child protection risk, we tell people who can help

Collection and storage of information:

Information will be collected, recorded and stored on case files and a client database. This information is confidential and necessary precautions will be taken to keep it safe and secure. All files are stored in secure locked cabinets and the database has a password and firewall system. The premises of Yoorana are located in a building that has adequate security measures in place.

Accurate Information:

Yoorana will attempt to ensure that personal and/or sensitive information is accurate and up to date but you are responsible for informing us of any changes to your personal details or circumstances.

Access to information:

You can ask for access to your information verbally or in writing and we will undertake to provide this as soon as possible. You will be required to sign a consent form and your information can be posted to you or to your legal representative, if required, by registered post.

The funding body may request your contact details in order to check on this agency’s service quality. These details will only be provided with your consent.

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